Outstanding Wiredtree Review 2013 Solution



I started making use of WiredTree Hosting's facilities last week. You probably didn't notice, because the change was more fluid than our uptime at our previous host, A2 Hosting. I had been procrastinating the shift for months, because I was nervous about attempting to move our website to a new hosting server.

When I finally decided to move, I realized that I was worrying unnecessarily, because WiredTree's assistance staff gave such first class guidance and support.

My server had been A2 Hosting and I made use of them for more than a year. We were not pleased with them in any way as their downtime was unacceptable and the quality of their support team inadequate. What made us continue with them despite this was that they were inexpensive and also due to our anxiety regarding the change. A2 Hosting's packages were highly affordable and they claimed that those packages were unrestricted (more on that later) Cost each month was under $10.

I prided myself in being tech-savvy but switching to a new web server was something that I was very uneasy about. We also needed to change from shared hosting to a virtual private server. I was a green horn when it comes to server administration so figured the move would be dicey and take a lot of time. I've got a full-time law practice to operate, and no time to screw around with server administration.

We would have stayed with A2 Hosting despite its downtime and other lacks as we liked their price and we were concerned about this transition. Recently, however, we were told that we were employing too many resources on their allegedly unlimited plan. I'm still baffled in regards to what A2 Hosting considers as too much information being used on their unrestricted plan. What ultimately helped us to decide upon the transition was when they gave us a week's notice to do it.

On somebody's suggestion, I considered and decided to go with WiredTree.

This evaluation is purely according to my experience alone and thus, this may not be the case for other customers.

There is no doubt on why they are becoming one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. I would endorse WiredTree to those who would like a VPS or a dedicated server. I have no regrets making use of WiredTree's services in the two years that I have been with them.

WiredTree's rates are about $50 per month, five times what A2 Hosting bills, but no wonder! I was convinced by WiredTrees extraordinary security and assistance that we'd made the right move.. In just a few minutes, I got an answer for for my support tickets at WiredTree, whilst A2 Hosting had taken hours to do so. They even verified my order by giving me a telephone call. (Genuine people were genuinely getting in touch with me and speaking to me!)

A WiredTree service personnel guided me through every level, copying our previous server, transferring it to our new one and moving our domain names, everything proceeded without problems. All in all, it needed under an hour of my time. Even if you are a technophobe, I am confident that WiredTree could get you shifted-or just up and running in the first place-quickly. I won't be surprised that not a soul discovered that we'd shifted taking into account how smoothly it went. So the choice is a resounding yes for our new web server, WiredTree.